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We’re patent law experts with decades of experience driven by a desire to help businesses succeed.

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Innovation in the current market is as hard as it has ever been, but there are also significantly more distribution and marketing options available than ever before. We craft our approach specifically towards the intention of bringing inventions to market, and helping companies navigate challenging patent and market conditions.

Unparalleled customer service is key to our ethos. We strive to create an open environment where everyone we work with can best communicate the extent of their invention and help us understand their specific goals. Simultaneously, we guide you through the process, potential pitfalls, & help you maximize your investment.

Focus Areas

We routinely help businesses investigate, procure, and defend patents in the telecommunications, semiconductors, power electronics, automotive, computer hardware, and software industries. Feel free to drop by our San Francisco office, or meet us anywhere in the Bay Area to discuss your specific needs.

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    The Adibi IP Group has built a team of motivated patent law experts working with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and businesses in the country. We help inventors at all levels, from founders, to engineering teams, PE funds, and executives, achieve outsized returns from their IP. Connect today and learn why groundbreaking companies across the world trust us.