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Patent Pending Infringement: How to Identify It & What You Can Do About It

If you’re reading this article, you might be worried about protecting an invention or an idea that’s currently making its way through the patent process. Or, you might be wondering how exactly the patent process works, and what sort of protections you might be able to expect along the way. Fear not, this blog has got you covered.

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Top 7 Patent Litigation Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

You’ve spent hours developing a new product that you know will be a success. You’ve contacted other experts to help you develop a business plan. You’re ready to put your product out there. Your crowdfunding campaign ready to go. But have you thought about patent litigation yet?

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Intellectual Property Litigation: Everything You Need to Know

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may issue its 10 millionth patent in 2018. This astounding milestone not only shows how far our society has come, but also underscores the need for a better understanding of intellectual property litigation.

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How Much Is a Patent: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve put so much time and energy into your new invention and want to begin profiting off of it. You really think this idea has the potential to make you some serious cash. Maybe it could. But the odds are if you thought of the idea, someone else is going to think of it soon after, if they haven’t already.

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Escape 9-to-5: How to Live Off of Your Intellectual Property

Being stuck in a cubicle isn’t most people’s dream. If you’re like many Americans, you might be working a desk job and hustling away at your passions on the side. You may spend your time in the office dreaming of a way to escape 9-to-5 and be your own boss. If you’re an inventor, innovator, or entrepreneur, your new idea could be your way out.

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Resources That Helps You Create an MVP

With 30,000 new consumer products created every year, it’s hard to imagine how you can find your own space in such a crowded market. There’s also a high percentage of failure for new products, but that’s because most companies lose focus on creating a minimum viable product. Using the right tools can help you create a strong MVP.

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The Importance of Prototypes for an Invention

No matter how good your idea may be, it isn’t worth much until you can find a way to build a business around it. Yes, while there are successful inventors out there who strictly license patents out to companies, they are extremely rare and typically have a pre-existing relationship with an industry.

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Is my invention patentable?

Every would be inventor or entrepreneur has that moment in their life, where with a flash of lightning it hits them. The idea. The one that can change the world and solve the problems that has been facing society for too long!

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Which Company Has the Most Patents in the World: Unveiling the Innovation Leader

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, patents serve as a crucial benchmark for gauging a company’s research and development strength. The quest to determine which company holds the most patents in the world leads us to a dynamic interplay between historical titans of industry and contemporary leaders in technological advancement.

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