Intellectual Property Litigation: Everything You Need to Know

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may issue its 10 millionth patent in 2018. This astounding milestone not only shows how far our society has come, but also underscores the need for a better understanding of intellectual property litigation.

Escape 9-to-5: How to Live Off of Your Intellectual Property

Being stuck in a cubicle isn’t most people’s dream. If you’re like many Americans, you might be working a desk job and hustling away at your passions on the side. You may spend your time in the office dreaming of a way to escape 9-to-5 and be your own boss. If you’re an inventor, innovator, or entrepreneur, your new idea could be your way out.

How Much Is a Patent: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve put so much time and energy into your new invention and want to begin profiting off of it. You really think this idea has the potential to make you some serious cash. Maybe it could. But the odds are if you thought of the idea, someone else is going to think of it soon after, if they haven’t already.